Seat Skinz Leather Seat Covers Review and Installation

Hello my name is Scott I’m with leather craft and today I’m gonna show you the leather crafts seat skins and the leather crafts seat skins are gonna be able to take your vehicle, he the cloth interior and change it into a leather interior that you can install all by yourself and about an hour 0.5. The neat thing about the leather craft seat skin is it’s made of 100 percent real leather and the sides in the back are made from vinyl. So it’s very easy to install Car seat covers. And also we’ve added memory foam cushion.

car Seat CoversInto the seat skin so wherever you’re sitting you have the memory foam cushion there so that it’s gonna make your seat more comfortable as well. And now we’re gonna show you how to install the Car seat covers okay the first thing you want to do an install on your leather crafts seats can is remove the headrest Once you remove the headrest. Take the lean back portion. Of the seats again and turned inside out. Once everything is inside out. Start to bring about half of the Car seat covers back.

This will enable you to get a good grip on the Car seat covers. Now just go ahead and slipped the seats him right over the top of the seat. And then you start to roll. The cover down. I NTUC velcro piece underneath. If. And now. Just replace the headrest. Now the bottom piece. Will disconnect with these nylon straps. And now just. Wrap the bottom seat around the existing. Plus seat. And. Tucked underneath. Okay nexus the headrest so turn heads headrest Car seat covers inside out. In line up with the headrest. Okay and then line up the seams. And just connect underneath with the velcro on the bottom. I. And you don’t the driver’s seat. And this is how you can take your regular cloth interior and turned into a very plush leather interior so take your car from the ordinary to the extraordinary.