Renault Captur.

Renault Captur5-door Captur looks as a natural „adapter“ (crossover): intermediate form between “hatchback” and a multi-purpose off-road vehicle . A high roofline, the relief on the bottom sides, imitating the steps – neither give nor take, is steep “coupe”. But just on look … In fact, the new Renault is not nothing but a version of the front-wheel drive compact Clio IV of increased capacity.

New models can not be denied in the original image: stylish 2-volumer. Jobs of Renault design team were led by a Dutchman Laurens van den Acker. And aerodynamics of the new “adapter” is under the sign “rhombus” such as on level, but because of the decent frontal area, aerodynamic factor turned out rather big – 0.79. Much worse, for example, than of full-size Audi A8 (0,65). It means the resistance of the air at speeds of fuel consumption. These cars are of increased capacity.

Inside, there are offices and “pockets” for the little things, and instead of the usual “glove box” on the right on the front panel the drawer on 11 liters Easy Life is provided.